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Rough and Ready


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Title: Rough and Ready
Artist: Jeff Beck Group
Released: 1971

1 - Got the Feeling - 4:46
2 - Situation - 5:27
3 - Short Business - 2:34
4 - Max's Tune - 8:24
5 - I've Been Used - 3:40
6 - New Ways Train Train - 5:52
7 - Jody - 6:06

Rough and Ready is the third album by The Jeff Beck Group and the first of two by the second Jeff Beck Group. Released in 1971, it featured more of a jazz, soul and R&B edge to counter Beck's lead guitar. As a songwriter, Beck contributed more pieces to Rough and Ready than he had before, or ever would again. Beck enlisted Bobby Tench as vocalist and it is also the first time keyboardist Max Middleton is heard. Other members of this line up are drummer Cozy Powell and bassist Clive Chaman.

Jeff Beck: guitars, bass and production
Bobby Tench: vocals and rhythm guitar
Max Middleton: piano and keyboards
Clive Chaman: bass
Cozy Powell: drums
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