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Pantera - Reinventing the Steel


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Title: Reinventing the Steel
Artist: Pantera
Released: 2000

1 - Hellbound - 2:40
2 - Goddamn Electric - 4:56
3 - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit - 4:19
4 - You've Got to Belong to It - 4:13
5 - Revolution Is My Name - 5:15
6 - Death Rattle - 3:17
7 - We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time - 3:44
8 - Uplift - 3:45
9 - It Makes Them Disappear - 6:21
10 - I'll Cast a Shadow - 5:24

Reinventing the Steel is the ninth and final studio album by heavy metal band Pantera. It was released through EastWest Records, on March 14, 2000.

Reinventing the Steel contains lyrics mostly about the band itself, as on "We'll Grind that Axe for a Long Time" (where the band members tell about how they have kept it "true" throughout the years, while many of their peers "sucked up for the fame") and "I'll Cast a Shadow" (about Pantera's influence on the genre). There are also songs about their fans, like "Goddamn Electric" and "You've Got to Belong To It". "Goddamn Electric" mentions Black Sabbath, and Slayer, two of the band's main influences. The band members dedicated Reinventing the Steel to their fans, whom they viewed as their brothers and sisters.
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