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Edguy - Space Police - Defenders of the Crown


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Title: Space Police - Defenders of the Crown
Artist: Edguy
Released: 2014

1 - Sabre & Torch - 5:00
2 - Space Police - 6:00
3 - Defenders of the Crown - 5:39
4 - Love Tyger - 4:26
5 - The Realms of Baba Yaga - 6:07
6 - Rock Me Amadeus - 3:20
7 - Do Me Like a Caveman - 4:09
8 - Shadow Eaters - 6:08
9 - Alone in Myself - 4:36
10 - The Eternal Wayfarer - 8:50

CD 2
1 - England - 4:25
2 - Aychim in Hysteria - 4:01
3 - Space Police (Progressive version) - 6:00
4 - Space Police (instrumental version) - 6:00
5 - Love Tyger (instrumental version) - 4:27
6 - Defenders of the Crown (instrumental version) - 5:38
7 - Do Me Like a Caveman (instrumental version) - 4:11

Space Police: Defenders of the Crown is the tenth studio album by the German power metal band Edguy. It was released on 18 April 2014 through Nuclear Blast. The cover art was unveiled on 1 February, and 15 days later, the band announced the track listing.

The band's vocalist and frontman, Tobias Sammet, has promoted the album as the heaviest the band has ever done. It was composed over two months, with the band members working altogether at the same studio with producer Sascha Paeth. The band said of the album:

“We have focused on what makes this band unique and recorded what we believe is going to be the strongest and heaviest album Edguy has ever recorded. There is no doubt that this album is going to be the album Edguy will be measured against in the future. ”

In an interview, Tobias and lead guitarist Jens Ludwig explained that the title of the album is based on two of its tracks, because they thought both names would be suitable for the new work. According to Tobias, Defenders of the Crown is a reference to Edguy being the real "defender of the heavy metal crown", while Space Police sounded like Frank Zappa or David Bowie and is a title that most heavy metal bands would not use. In another interview, Tobias commented:

“Because we couldn't decide which title was better, we just went with both. Does it make sense? No! Does it sound exciting: Hell, yes! Mission accomplished!”
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