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Del Amitri - Twisted


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Title: Twisted
Artist: Del Amitri
Released: 1995

1 - Food for Songs - 3:37
2 - Start With Me - 4:27
3 - Here and Now - 5:30
4 - One Thing Left to Do - 3:59
5 - Tell Her This - 3:11
6 - Being Somebody Else - 6:26
7 - Roll to Me - 2:12
8 - Crashing Down - 4:51
9 - It Might as Well Be You - 4:34
10 - Never Enough - 5:28
11 - It's Never Too Late to Be Alone - 5:06
12 - Driving With the Brakes On - 4:42

Twisted is the fourth studio album by Del Amitri, released on 28 February 1995. It reached number three in the UK Albums Chart and was listed by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 best albums of 1995.

It was the last album to feature guitarist David Cummings, who left to begin a successful career in TV scriptwriting, and the only to feature drummer Chris Sharrock, who agreed to play on Twisted but declined to join the band as a permanent member. With a firmer emphasis on electric guitars than the band's last outing, 1992's Change Everything, the album represented a moderate change of direction for Del Amitri, whilst retaining their trademark melodic sensibilities.

The album included Del Amitri's most successful single, "Roll to Me", which reached the top ten in the US Hot 100. The band are known not to consider the song one of their best, however, and have often seemed irked by the fact that what they see as a throwaway pop song gave them their biggest hit. Also included was "Tell Her This", one of the group's most well-known songs.
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